I’m having a very quiet Sunday, and it’s quite nice to have some silence and stillness after a hectic few days. This week I’ve done lots of grown-up stuff (like opening a savings account, doesn’t really get more grown-up than that, right?), and last night I went to a dress up party (dressed-up as Kleopatra :> ).
I also got a new book this week (YAY), which was a surprise, and I can’t wait to read it and tell you all about it, it’s the sequel to Tumtum and Nutmeg :D. Caaaan’t wait.
  Anyway, remember how I told you I’m taking my time with the book I’m currently reading? Well, I just finished a chapter, and I have decided to go through it again, because I feel it has a positive message for me. It’s about carrying your own ‘personal’ or ‘social’ weather with you, no matter the circumstances. So that’s what I’m gonna do later tonight, re-read the chapter and reflect.
 My soundtrack for today is this album that really takes me away. I discovered Balmorhea a few weeks ago, it’s really good reading music.


   And to keep it really random, I  also thought of sharing the daily quote from goodreads.com, which is one of the websites in my bookmarks list. I think this one to be not a sad, teary eyed quote, but a hopeful one. It’s about the power of your soul, to keep alive persons, places, times, experiences that no longer are.
The dead can survive as part of the lives of those that still live.