I have a confession to make. You know how in my last post I said I was gonna re-read a chapter from the book I’m currently reading , in order for it to really sink in? Weell, I’m kind of still doing that :)). After I finished that post, I just stumbled on the website of the Guggenheim museum (I’m gonna tell you more about that in a few moments), and I got stuck on it for a couple of hours, then this week my boyfriend brought home from the library a book on building with strawbales, aaand I also spent some time with a math book. Yeah, I’m not just being funny, on wednesday before sleep I spent some quality time with a math book, for a test I was gonna take the next day. 😀 Quite the busy week for the bookworm me.

But let’s go back to the website I was telling you about:


It’s the website of the Guggeinheim Museum, New York. I’m a vivid art lover, so I just got stuck there. I love the theatre, music, paintings , everything that speaks to me and makes me feel things. Like chocolate 🙂 )I’m just kidding .

I don’t often get excited about sculptures though. Except maybe some ancient roman sculptures, that a certain Pope Pius IX didn’t approve of, if you know what I mean :))

Like maybe this one :20150915_142831

Florence, Giardini Bobboli

Back to the website, the Guggenheim museum published quite a few free art catalogues that you can have a look at. I just opened the first one I stumbled upon: 19 artists : Emerging americans: 1981 Exxon national exibition.

It introduces 19 artists, who were obviously emergent in the eighties, and you can have a look at some of their work. What really struck me as interesting was, how so many of them had something to do with the world of theatre. They were either fans, or their paintings inspired a play, or they were involved in the production of a play.

I think my favorite among them would be William Haney. I find his works truly expressing. Like his painting from 1977, entitled Each time around. I couldn’t find a picture of the painting on the web, (fair enough) , but you can check it out in the catalogue if you want.


It’s a painting set in front of a house, or it could even be a restaurant, and there’s a party going on, you can hear music and laughter in the background, you can feel the smell of cigarettes and beer on tap, and you almost start feeling dizzy yourself. Definitly puts me in the mood to go get tipsy. 😉

The last time I have visited a gallery was this autumn, when we visited a country house in Mottisfont, and one of the floors was dedicated to an exposition on trees. They do love their trees down there in Mottisfont. 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous place.


One of the paintings we liked:


 I also remember visiting The Modern Arts Gallery in Glasgow, see a picture of our favorite exhibit here:


They are the cardboard versions of the most famous buildings in Glasgow, and they made me feel like a giant :))

 Ok, I could go on and on with this post, but I’m just gonna put an end to it here, I have just one final picture for my friend Timi. We shot this one on our walk today, and I thought of you . XOXO