This week I had to travel from the Uk to Romania. Whenever the prospect of travelling comes up, I get excited about all the reading I will be able to do. This time, I had to travel by two choaches and by plane, so I knew , I’d better make sure the Kindle has plenty of battery.

 So, in this post, I’d like to write a diary of my journey, from the reading point of view.

I take the first coach from Basingstoke at noon. I try to settle comfortably, and as I start reading I notice my boyfriend updated the Kindle, so there are small changes to the layout. I feel a little carsick and I struggle to concentrate on what Stephen Covey is telling me about the second habbit, I keep expecting for the carsickness to fully hit me. I’m thinking if I would be better off naping, but I decide I’m not sleepy enough yet. By the time I connect to the book, the driver interrupts to announce the first stop. I pause to make sure it’s not my stop. I’m always confused when going to Heathrow, because it has various stops for it’s terminals. Alright, this is not my stop. I eavesdrop a little before getting back to reading to the discussion between the driver and a german looking boy. The boy was asleep, so he missed the stop.

I am at Heathrow, in the bus station. I’m not flying from here, I’m just changing coaches. Heathrow airport is huuuuuge, I don’t really like it. I look for the remotest seat I can find and then I settle to eat my sandwich. Meatballs sandwich, yummy. I do like my food :D. I have more than two hours of waiting. As I look around, I notice a lady reading Stephen King. I’ve never read anything by him, I’ve only seen the movie adaptation of The Shining, but that puts him on my to read list. Oh, I just had a musical moment, I remember I used to looove this video from Thirty Seconds to Mars- The kill, inspired by the movie.


Time to go back to the seven habits. As the autor is telling me about the numerous centers people revolve their existence around, like spouse centeredness or posession centeredness, I keep hearing a rattling sound. There’s a black plastic spoon on the floor in front of Caffe Nero and people keep kicking it without bothering with it. Messy little people. By the time I decide to get up and bin it, somebody else does it. Never mind, I needed the stretch. Maybe I’m becoming tidiness centered. :))

One of the exercices Covey proposes in his book is writing a personal mission statement. As I pause to think when would be the best time for me to try and do that, I hear an announcement for the coach going to Bristol. I remind myself Bristol is one of the places I wanted to visit before I came to the UK. Going down there for a day or two and writing my personal mission statement would be awesome.

Ooops, I almost forgot about my coach and they are boarding now. I better go and find the stand.:))

Finally at Luton airport. Familiar grounds. I didn’t do any reading on the second coach, I tried to take a nap and then I was a bit nervous when I saw that at the time when I was supposed to be at the airport we were in a little place called Hampstead. I remember it being mentioned in one of the Sherlock Holmes stories. We had 15 minutes delay, but I got to the airport in time, so I can comfortably go back to my book.

I pause from time to time to have a look at my surroundings. What I like to do in busy places like this is to look at people. I’m either pretend I’m a fashion judge :)), or I’m looking at what they are doing and try to make out something of their stories. My gate opens in 15 minutes. I still have a little more time to spend with the seven habits. Rihanna’s new song is playing in the background, life is good. 😀

On the plane: I need my book to block out irritable discussions around me. Like: “They are so cruel for not letting us smoke on the plane”. I used to be a smoker, and I still raised my eyebrow at this statement. :)) The kid behind me is hitting the back of the chair. Thanks to whoever invented headphones and to Mr. Covey for writing a book that would keep me interested. The take off didn’t make me dizzy for a change, so I take a few glimpses from the window. London at night, from a plane, is stunning.

I believe my stomach is tolerrant enough to the flight that it will allow me to read my way home.

I put my book down just before landing, when I catch sight of my city. After a long, long day, and many pages, I am Home. 😀