The second adventure in the Tumtum and Nutmeg series by Emily Bearn is called The Great Escape.

 The peaceful life of Mr. and Mrs. Nutmouse is turned upside down by the arrival of an unexpected guest, General Marchmouse. Although well-respected by the mice community for his victories in command of the mice army, he turns up to be a reckless little mouse, running about in Rose Cottage and eventually getting caught by the children.

The story takes place mostly outside of Rose Cottage, in the school, where the naughty General ends up after being caught by the children, closed in a cage with a bunch of gerbils.

Arthur’s teacher replaces Aunt Ivy as the villain of the story, and she turns out to be just as spiteful. Not being particularly fond of mice and gerbils, she wants to send the lot to the petshop, much to the disagreement of the pupils, and the horror of Gen. Marchmouse.

Tumtum and Nutmeg need to come up with a plan to prevent the disaster. A couple of lovely mice, one reckless General, a bunch of gerbils, one clumsy caretaker, a severe teacher and a group of agile balerinas make up a cute story.

I did find it to be an enjoyable bedtime story, however, considering the first part of the stories, this one did not fully live up to my expectations. At times, because of lack of action, it seemed a little bit dragged out. One scene I particularly enjoyed reading, was when the General managed to sneak out to the children’s room, and started playing warfare with the toysoldiers, wrecking the room. It was hilarious to imagine an old mouse in clothes shouting orders to toy soldiers, and messing around with Arthur’s train. :))

As the story was coming to and end, Nutmeg was telling Tumtum, that she hopes there are no more adventures in store for them, but I am definitly looking forward to reading the next story. 😉

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