Here I was, trying to decide what to read next. As I was browsing through my bookshelves, my eyes stumbled upon this tiny book, the tiniest on my shelves. When you open it, it contains pictures of fairies like Crystal the Snow Fairy, Grace the Glitter Fairy and a few others, along with a short description of them.

The book is cute, but not really valuable form a literary point of view. It is still very dear to me, becauseit has a story.

I bought it at the local carboot sale. My boyfriend and I enjoy very much going to these sales, it’s quite fascinating the big variety of things you can find there, from books to beanbags :)). I think you can form a pretty good idea about people’s lifestyle based on the stuff they are selling. Also, we like exchanging a word or two with the elderly ladies and gentlemen about thing of the past and present.

So it was on a cold october morning that I purchased this little book. We were having a quick look, when we saw this elderly gentleman on it own with a few things scattered in front of him on a table. It didn’t look like business was going to well for him. He greeted us quite happily and started showing us things he had on display. They were obviously dear to him, as he was speeking very excitedly about his dessert spoons, old watches, etc. They were of no interest to us, however, something made us really want to buy something from him. Most people don’t go there to make money, it’s just a passtime for them, and also a better use of their things than throwing them to the bin. It’s just that the times have changed and they no longer need them, or have to many.

My heart broke a little bit, seeing this old man all alone in the cold morning, with his things, maybe reminders of his youth, and nobody finding them valuable enough to give some change  for them. We couldn’t not buy something, so after looking at his stand for a few minutes I picked up this little book (it was probably his granddaughter’s and she outgrew it) and we bought it together with a cute coaster.


My most cherished things are not the most expensive ones, nor the trendiest ones, but the ones that remind me of something, or someone, and this little book will definitly make the list, when time comes for me to move, and I have to decide what comes with me, and what stays here. 🙂