Ok, so one thing to know about me: I can’t categorise my readings. I would read poetry, non-fiction, romance, magazines, almost everything that falls in my hands. Call me a weirdo, just like my best friend did, but I just finished “reading” a dictionary. Okok, I admit, it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world to read, but it was interesting.



British English A to Zed is a British-American dictionary, wich includes words and expressions, that are used  differently in the Queen’s English, to that of the President’s. It includes words from all walks of life, from politics, foods, transport, to sexual intercourse, technical terms or slang. It all began as a hobby for the author, but he eventually decided to publish his collection.  And Omg, Youtube just recommended me a song I didn’t listen to in months, but I was thinking about  today :X )


Anyway, back to the dictionary, the author also included some explanations, like differences in grammar, or spelling and pronounciation.

Some of them ar no longer in use, and some are used in both countries nowadays, so let’s see how many of them are you familiar with! 🙂

Here are a few examples of different ways of saying something in the UK and USA :

British                                                                      American

absolutely sweet                                               delightful

accident and emergency                                ER department

accumulator                                                      battery

actually                                                              as a matter of fact

Adam and Eve (Ex. I don’t Adam and Eve it.)                                believe

ad-mass                                                       mass-media

advert                                                             ad

aerial                                                            antenna

afters                                                           dessert

air hostess                                                stewardess

Alcopop                                                     flavoured alcoholic beverage

all Sr. Garnet!                                          well done!

Alsatian                                                    German Shepherd dog

and pigs might fly!                                 Yeah, sure!

anorak                                                     light waterproof jacket

argue the toss                                       squabble

arrows                                                     darts

aubergine                                              eggplant

bait                                                         grub

balls (nonsense)                                 crap

balls to the wall                                  disadvantage

bandit-proof                                      bullet-proof

bap                                                       bun

barman                                               bartender

beetle off                                           take off

belt up!                                               shut up!

bend the elbow                                 to have an alcoholic drink

bespoke                                            custom-made

bint                                                    girlfriend

biro                                                    ball-point pen

biscuit                                              cookie

black beetle                                   cockroach

cabbage-looking                          stupid

dabs                                                fingerprints

dinky                                             cute

East                                              Orient

eiderdown                                  quilt

elevenses                                   morning coffee break

fab                                               cool

faddy                                          picky

fag                                              cigarette

fairy cake                                  cupcake

gammon                                    ham

G&T                                             gin and tonic

garden                                      yard

gash                                         waste, garbage

gearbox                                   transmission

haar                                           sea mist

haggis                                        a popular Scottish dish ( right bro’?)

half a tick                                 half a minute

halt                                             stop

hang up one’s hat                  settle down

Hard cheese!                            Tough luck!

ice                                               ice cream

identity disc                             dog tag

to jack                                       to steal

jersey                                        pullover

joint                                          roast

keen on                                     enthusiastic about

keeper                                       custodian, guard

kettle-boy                                tea-maker

kiosk                                          newsstand

label                                            sticker, tag

ladybird                                     ladybug

let alone                                    not to mention

litter bin                                   trash basket

local                                           neighborhood bar

mad on                                      crazy about

maize                                          corn

make a balls of                       mess up

marge                                         margarine

martini                                      vermouth

nail varnish                             nail polish

oblique                                      slash

odd man                                   handy man

p.                                               abbreviation of penny or pence

rambler                                   a person who regularly walks

sack                                         dismissal

ta                                               thanks!

up the duff                              pregnant

vest                                           undershirt

wally                                         a fool

Yard                                         Scotland Yard

Z-car                                       Police car