I just finished this book literally 15 minutes ago, and I am soooo in love. I feel like lately I’ve been going on about books that make you think, but man, this book makes you FEEL. Somehow, even though I’ve read it in Hungarian, I could still feel that French ‘je ne sais quoi’.

As I was reading the last 70 or so pages of the book, I was sitting on the couch in our living room, outside the light was fading, and the english rain was providing a perfet background for the afternoon, and I was feeling so many thing at once. I was feeling love, sadness, joy, hope, but mostly I was feeling alive!

The book itself contains two short stories, both lovely in their on way. They are narrated in first person, wich of course, gives it a personal feel.  It’s fresh, original and current, from the plot, to the language used by the French author. I am so happy to discover her, I will be definitly reading more!

It captures everyday life perfectly, and makes feelings come to life. There is no epic story to unfold, in Anna Gavalda’s stories beauty lies in the  small things. There were a few intriguing ideas in the book, that make you pause so you can let them sink in.

Melanie and Yann, the main characters of the two stories are totally unrelated, the only thing that thay have in common is that something happens to them, that makes them realize they have the power to free themselvef from routine, dullnes or whatever situation in life they are stuck in.

If not the whole book, but Yann’s recording for his girlfriend is definitly worth reading, if you don’t believe me , have a look at the comments on Goodreads 😉 IF you’re in that phase of ‘ummm…what am I gonna read next’, trust me, grab yourself the book and a hot chocolate or whatever, and be prepared to forget about the rest of us for a while. 😉


“• Mais c’est magnifique de souffrir quand on est en bonne santé. C’est un privilège ! Il n’ya que les morts qui ne souffrent plus ! Réjouis-toi, ma belle ! Va, cours, vole, espère, plante-toi, saigne ou festoie, mais vis ! Vis un peu !”
Anna Gavalda, La Vie en mieux

( I’m sorry, but it sounds so good in French 😀 )