Hey there! The day I wrote this post I didn’t have my laptop, but because I feel like writing, I’ve decided to put pen to paper.

I think time has come for me to talk to you about my great love, CHELSEA FC. Chelsea has been my passion for more then a decade now. Quite often I get the question (especially me being a girl, and not from England, I think 😀 ), how did you come to support Chelsea? It’s not a question with a practical answer. For some, I know it’s a family thing. They get born in a family that supports a certain club, so they become supporters as well. When so happens that someone from a Utd. family starts to support Liverpool, it gets even more interesting. :))

For me, it just happened. When I was going to secondary school I wanted to be cool in the conversations with the boys, so I would get involved in discussions about the Champions League. I had to pick a team, obviously. It was the first season Chelsea has played in the Champions League. Maybe it was the BLUE kit, maybe the style of play, maybe the fact that they are from LONDON (my dream city when I was younger), maybe all of those things, but I picked Chelsea. Eventually the Premier League got full coverage in Romania, so I started watching the regularly. At the beginning of the Abramovich era it was  very exciting to be a Chelsea fan, in spite of everyone else was giving you a lot of grief. (Or maybe because of that, as well 😀 ).

As I’ve said in an earlier post, during highschool I went to a boarding school, where I couldn’t always watch TV. (Few of the older girls were keen on watching football.) So when I was not able to watch the games, my friends were sending me texts to keep me up to date. The following day I would go to the library to read about the game in the newspapers. I would go to internet cafes to check out their website and watch videos of the players or clips from matches. Lampard was my absolute favorite. ♥ I would wear a Chelsea shirt under my uniform jacket, and wrote CHELSEA on every object I owned. Being a Chelsea fan was a big part of my teenager years.

To someone who doesn’t like football, it’s hard to explain. It’s not a  rational thing. Sometimes it’s a sort of high, sometimes it’s a feeling of belonging. And sometimes it’s just Messi never scoring against your team. :)) I am giving you my best smugface here 😀

The reason that made me write this post is that the last weekend I was reading an old edition of The Chelsea Magazine. I’ve got a few Chelsea related gifts over the years, and I love them all, especially that they mean to me that whoever gave them, wanted to give me something I would be sure to like. Last year for my birthday I got a few magazines and books. I’ve read the biography soon after, and last weekend when we went to the park I grabbed the october edition of the official magazine, wich made me wanna write about my passion for Chelsea.

Once a Blue, always a Blue.

Reading the Chelsea FC magazine in the park