I didn’t do much reading lately, and the reason for that is that football is taking away a lot of my reading time. But come on, the Euros is on once in every four years, so it’s a major thing. Tonight the first semifinal is on, between Wales and Portugal. I think Portugal has been dissapointing so far, and it would be quite dramatic, if a small team like Wales would get through to the final. So, as far as I’m concerned ,tonight,  Come on Wales!

I’m also reading a history book currently, and I don’t often say about a book that it’s boring, but this one, well let’s just put it this way, it doesn’t read itself :)). My summer break is almost here (7 schooldays to go!!!), so there will be plenty of time for good books, good movies and frappes. ♥

In the mean time I’m gonna share a picture I found the other day. I found it on Facebook, unfortunately I don’t remember the page, but it definitely doesn’t belong to me.



So, this week, there’s still football going on, but after the final whistle of the final, I’m going back to reading. 😀