So last week I travelled to Romania. I wanted to write another travelling/reading diary, but the weather in England decided to get HOT right when I had to travel, so it was hard for to concentrate on anything. If you have carsickness you know that the heat only makes it worse.

I think I only wrote like two notes, so it’s gonna be a short one, but here it goes:

As usual I left things for the last minute, so I’m in a rush. I decided to wear my maxi blue dress, and I feel like I’m travelling in style. My luggage is quite heavy, but I manage to get to the bus stop without any incidents. It’s blazing hot, so I find some shadow. I’m thinking about reading, but the bus is gonna come in ten minutes , so there’s not much point in starting.

I’m waiting…and waiting…and waiting, but the bus doesn’t come. I start to be suspicious, so I doublecheck my ticket. Turns out I’m half an hour early to the bus. GREAT! So typical of me. :))

So, it makes sense to start reading now. As I’ve said in my previous post, I didn’t take Game of Thrones with me, so I start looking for something to read on the Kindle. The first book I check out is a business book. Not gonna happen, it’s too hot for that sort of stuff.

Next is a book called When women where warriors. Ok, that sounds light e enough. As I read the first chapter I decide it’s not a masterpiece, but it is enjoyable.

When the bus finally arrives, I get settled and I don’t go back to reading straight away. I spend something like then minutes contemplating on the tattoo I would like. The people behind me are eating popcorn very loudly. I’m not good with eating sounds, they drive me crazy (uhm, I’ve read somewhere that it’s one of the telling signs of a genius :)) ), and I’m even worse with smells on a bus.

We get to Heathrow and I look for a less busy place where to sit. Thankfully it’s quite cool in the waiting room. Time to go back to my warrior ladies. They remind me a little bit by Xena, the warrior princess. :)) For a good while the story captures me, and I’m so deep into it, that I notice nothing of my surroundings except for a little bird looking for crumbs, that looks quite out of place indoors.

As time goes by, I start getting sleepy, so I give up reading and I start listening to the languages around me, trying to guess where they come from. As soon as I’m settled, I fall asleep, and I wake up in Luton. There are 3 hours until my flight takes off, and no places to sit, so I sit down on the floor in my blue dress. I go back to reading, to keep myself awake. Hey, I’m reading about female warriors, it’s no time to whine about tiredness. An hour and a half later, luggage is dropped in, security check over with, time for some last minute shopping from the duty free department and the I decide I definitely deserve to sit down and have a cold beer. The airport is crazy busy and crazy hot, it’s like a steamroom. I try going back to the book a few times, but it fails to engage me.

On the plane I read some more, I take a nap, I read some more. I’ve gotten to a point where the story is dragging out, but I think I will finish the book before landing. I wish the old lady next to me would stop fidgeting so much, it’s distracting me. Ok, maybe I’m moody. :))

When we land, I have only a few pages left, and I feel grateful for the cool breeze that’s welcoming me at the airport. Once again, I am home.