I feel nostalgic about Twilight. Paranormal romance soap-opera. Ok, probably I needed a little fix of paranormal romance. And, I have to admit, at times it was hard to put Becoming Alpha down. A girl can’t help herself when it comes to supernatural hot guys. :))

By the acknowledgments at the end of the book, this seems to be Aileen Erin’s first book. Well done for her. She’s way far ahead of me. :))

So, in her story the werewolf teenagers all go to this special school, and they live together in campus. The heroine of the story moves in town with her family and develops a crush on this mysterious guy. All is well until their first kiss goes terribly wrong. Did it get your attention fellow paranormal romance fans?

Of course, the eternal enemies of the werewolves are vampires. My biggest problem with the book is that it depicts the vampires as ugly, disgusting creatures. How, what, when?! They also stink. But Edward smells so good Aileen! I’m sure my friend Blanche would share in my outrage :D.

Another thing that I hated more than that is that our hot werewolf Dastien makes his love declarations in French. Now, I speak some French, and I think it’s a beautiful language, but somehow, in this context, it sounded like the epitome of cheesy, and only added to the soap-opera feel. Instead of awww, I was more like, Bleaahh.

In spite of the cheesy love declarations and the stinkiness of the vampires, I will take the shame  and admit, I will probably read the rest of the books in the saga as well.Ok,  I might have already checked them out on Amazon. Sometimes you just need a bedtime story, don’t ya? :))