I downloaded this book through Bookbub and it was the fourth book I’ve read during my holidays.  (Started it while waiting for the bus after seeing you Blanche 😀 )

It’s an entertaining adventure story even for people who do not practice mountain climbing. It is also a testament of his faith, so non-christian readers should bear this in mind when picking up the book.

The writing itself is ok, you can truly feel that Dickinson wanted to write the book himself. Sometimes he lingers too much on some details, and the reproductions of his conversations with his wife are probably meant to make the story more personal and relatable. To be honest, I did wonder at times if he really remembers those conversations in such great detail. :p

The author served as a Navy Air rescue swimmer for six years, and he recalls on his training back then a lot, which makes sense, it’s probably where he learnt his surviving skills, determination and discipline, that helped him survive his climb, together with his faith. On the downside, his anecdotes about his time with the Navy do tend to get repetitive.

He does come across strongly as a religious guy, but it isn’t in your face, not trying to convert anyone, just a normal guy who draws strength from his faith.

I don’t wanna spoil the story, so I’m not gonna share too much. There are not many technicalities, so even a person like me, who has no idea about mountain climbing equipment was able to enjoy the story, even learn a bit about it. It really is an inspiring story, not just for the out-doors lover.


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