Whoohoo! My fifth book in one month. I’m not 100% sure, but it might be a personal best.

I haven’t read a crime book in a long time, if I don’t count Sherlock Holmes as a crime book. :)) I really liked the story of The bloodbath ritual, but I didn’t appreciate too much the writing. It was a bit clichĂ© and a bit corny. Think a 90’s crime/FBI movie. The two love interests of agent Hollick are just perfect: hot, smart, the whole package. I kept imagining Sharon Stone, even though none of them was described as blonde. Not to mention the sex scenes, oh boy, they were so cheesy :)) Also, the dialogue seems stiff at the moment, I’m not good enough to put a finger on the reason for that, but for me, this impression was mostly created by how the characters were calling each other on their names after almost every sentence. It was a bit like a dialogue put together by kids as a school exercise.

Don’t be deceived by the title, it’s not as bloody as it might lead you to think. Actually, I think it’s a title that grabs attention, but I don’t find it the most suitable for the book, since the bloodbath ritual isn’t really the focus of the story.

So, if you can put all of that aside, you get a good story, at times unpredictable. I certainly didn’t see the end coming, wich is always a good thing, right? I mean, some things are just made for entertainment, they don’t all have to be classics.

PS: There was a lot of talk about heavy metal music in the book, hence the choice of music for this post. Rock on!




Coming soon: my first impressions on Harry Potter and the cursed child!