Ok, first I feel like I need to set something straight : if you are not a fan of the Harry Potter story, don’t bother with this post. You will not get my connection with the story, and you will be bored. I will probably write at some point about the first stories and what made me love them, and encourage you to read them as well, but the last book in the series it’s probably not the best place to start, is it?

That being said I don’t even know where to begin. I feel that being given another glimpse at Harry’s world is such a huge gift, and every fan will appreciate it, more or less. When I started reading about it months ago, I didn’t even believe it to be a real thing, but more like wishful thinking on the fans part. Turns out, the play’s written version really  did come out, right after the play’s premier in London.

I am so scared of spoiling it, I’m not even sure what to write. The last thing I would want would be to spoil it for anybody. Two of the Harry Potter books were spoiled for me, and at them time, I really wished I would be able to un-know whatever it was that I found out.

So I guess it would be  to only talk about my feelings towards it. Wich I will do, but if you’re gonna read it, it’s probably best to read it first, and maybe then, come back here, if you’re still curious about my opinion.

I think I was not the only person to have mixed feelings when I read about the book coming out. I really wanted to read more about Harry and the wizarding world, but I think the way things ended in Deathly Hallows was perfect, and I was afraid this new book might ruin it.

A few scenes into the story, I felt like, OH NO, I wish I wouldn’t have started it. That’s because I felt it’s gonna change the way I see the story from now on, when I’m gonna re-read it. Which I do, like every couple of years. But of course, in spite of these feelings, I was hooked, and there was no going back.

Revisiting the wizarding world felt like a cosy blanket that you pull on yourself on a chilly autumn afternoon. It felt familiar, and I was thrilled for the opportunity. Reading about Harry, Ron and Hermione truly felt like catching up with friends I didn’t see in a long, long time. I could actually visualise the conversation in my head:

Harry : Hi , how you’ve been?

Me: Great, I had a few teaching jobs, I finished university, moved to Scotland, and then to England.What about you guys? What have you been up to since defeating the Dark Lord?

Harry/Hermione/Ron: …(I promised no spoilers, not even tiny ones, so better they tell you what they’ve been up to, when you’re gonna read the play).

I thought that being written as a play it’s gonna make less enjoyable to read, but trust me it wasn’t the case at all. The dialogue basically reads itself. I’ve read a few reviews, and some people where saying that it doesn’t feel like it was written by JKR. I strongly disagree. Throughout the book, her playful humour and magic with words are there.

The story has a different vibe from the first seven, that’s for sure. It is more character driven, and less action focused. My best advice would be, before you start reading it, is that you take in consideration that there’s a gap between where the story left off in Deathly Hallows and what you’re gonna read in the Cursed Child. Better yet, as a start treat them as two separate things. It will be easier to read with an open mind and decide if you like it or not. I really hope you do.

I am grateful for the opportunity to revisit the wizarding world, I’m sure seeing the play performed must be amazing as well. Once again, great job .JK.R.!