Okay, Catelyn Stark annoyed me while watching the TV shows, she annoys me in the written version as well. It seems like her special talent might be making everything worse than it is.

Other than that, the second installment of A Song of Ice and Fire is awesome, again, reading it filled in some gaps for me. Like it was the case of the battle at King’s Landing.

It’s quite big as well, and introduces a big number of new characters, like Ramsay Bolton, Ygritte, Mance Rider and so on. I didn’t quite understand what’s the deal with Ygritte while watching the show, but now I kinda get it, how a wildling girl might appeal to an unexperienced guy like Jon Snow.

The atmosphere in the book is dark and grim, don’t expect any happiness. And if you suspect a bright light showing up, don’t trust it. Martin is merciless with his characters, not to mention that some of those bastards are high masters in the art of cunning.

The plot of the story is ever-expanding. Martin has a huge vision, and manages to keep it straight.There are some storylines that I prefer rather than other, and that’s because some characters engage me more than others. They are all craftily drawn though. I can’t stop but try to imagine how it will all end, me and three-quarters of the world probably :))

No pressure Mr. Martin :))