Now, this was what the first part of a Storm of Swords was building up for! It might be my favorite yet, after the first one. The action picked up the pace, with a number of twists here and there.

It took my on a journey of emotions, from rooting for a character, to being irritated, angry, surprised, curious, the lot. Weddings, deaths, betrayals, elections, there’s a bit of everything.It expanded the story in delightful, wonderful ways. It gave it a truly epic feel. It delivered the cruel punch in the gut (I’m trying hard to avoid spoilers here) and reinforced the axiom that nobody is safe in the Game of Thrones universe.

I feel like all that happened in this book is going to bring a lot of change for the characters left in the story. There are still storylines that feel a little bit dragged out, lot’s of descriptions and repetitions, but the characters feel realistic, and sometimes it’s hard to decide if you despise or love some of them.

The ending certainly brought a huge surprise for me, even having seen the series, I was not expecting it. I was absolutely pleased to find such a twist, that you wouldn’t know about even if you watched the tv show and I’m sooo looking forward where this is all going. Again, sorry for being vague, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s spoiling a new book.

All that being said, because I feel like there are changes coming I’ve decided I’m gonna take a break from GoT for a little while, and read something different, to keep up the excitement. 😀