A story with potential, but it could do with better editing. I finished the book because the story was interesting enough, but Argh!  the poor writing properly annoyed at times. In the beginning I thought it’s the writer’s biography , but it’s historical fiction following the fate of a few orphan children in New York’s late 1800’s. What annoyed me most was how randomly the writer was mixing up the narrative perspective. The story is told trough the perspective of several characters, in 1st. person, but then at times Dewey seemed to be slopishly forget about it and randomly wrote half a sentence or a paragraph in 3rd person. Hellooo, did no one really edit this? Also, the story begins when the main characters are children, and some of the thoughts she put in their mouths, they are way to self-conscious for a child.

To its credit, I was able to learn more about how the big immigration wave in New York affected lives, and about the orphan trains, of wich I never heard before. But, with a good editor and some key changes this would be a much better story.

I’m keeping short today, because I have a few letters to write tonight and catch-up with friends, given that it’s the first day of my Christmas break. OMG, can’t believe Christmas it’s almost here! I wish you all a jolly time! Xx