4c888e032472656751d1ba116e4957b8  Dear all, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas through the blog as well.

I’m so excited around Christmas time! I always do my best and try to ignore the early displays in the shopping centers (they do come earlier and earlier each year, don’t they?) so it doesn’t become trivial by the time the actual holiday arrives. It’s a shame they try to comercialize a holiday that should be about being together and being kinder, to others and to yourself.

When I was a child, Christmas used to be such a magical time, and I do my best to try and keep the magic and wonder alive every year. It’s a time to find joy in the miracle of Jesus’s birth,  in the presence on one another, in the crazy family moments, in the almost burnt puddings, in the festive wreaths,in the mauld wine, the carols, in the baubles on the Christmas tree. For me, the Christmas three is the most legit proof that magic exists 😀

So, dear friends, I wish you all a lovely Christmas in the presence of your loved ones, filled with wonder, joy ,peace and thankfulness.