Whoohoo! The first book I finished in 2017 is A Feast for Crows, the fourth volume in the Game of Thrones Saga. It was a very fast read, and I’m glad I managed to finish it before I go back to work, because it got very hard to put down.

At first I was very disappointed that Martin chose to split up this installment in two parts, with the two parts running in parallel storywise and each telling only the stories of some of the characters. I quite missed some of them, especially in the beginning, I’ve said I might just skip this one :)) I was joking, of course.

But it made me understand much better the story and the characters than from what I saw in the show. And the ending, OMG, it was soo good, the last 100 or so pages just flew by. For me, it held the biggest difference between the show and book, and I’m very curious if they are gonna include this storyline in the upcoming season of the show. They have to!! And also, when did I became sympathetic with Jamie?! Many people say that one of the things that makes the novel so good is that the character are not black and white, just like people in real life.

It might just be my favorite one after A game of thrones!