It took me a while but I’ve finally finished this baby. One of the most important things about it it’s that it’s not so much a continuation of A feast for crows, but it runs in parallel with it. It’s almost as if it were geographically split in two. Some of the characters I’ve missed return in this one. Hello there Jon Snow… :))

This book is such a TEASE!! The feeling that something big is going to happen is hanging in the air. Instead of excitement and action, you’ve got a lot of Martin moving his pieces around the board of his world so that they’re all in the right places for the finale. Except the finale never comes because that’s supposed to be in the next half.

Also, can someone please kill Ramsay? Like now!! I’m walking on spoiler eggshells here :)) The events in the book take a different turn from the TV show, so if you’ve seen the show first, you’ll be confused at times, but the way I see it, the story just becomes richer.

I am sorry that there’s just one more book (A Dance with Dragons part 2) to read, and then… well, the long wait. No pressure, Mr. Martin!