My wonderings though books, stories, thoughts, words.

This is not a literature’s critique blog. I’m just a girl who really , reeeally, reaaaally loves to read. I have loved books even before I knew how to read. I used to sit up on the bed and read (wich meant mumbling incoherent words) to the grown- up willing to listen to me. 10441252_1073599562672097_6406492581275511172_n

Besides spending time with my boyfriend, or watching Chelsea games, reading is my favorite thing to do. My boyfriend is a keen reader himself, and we often lay next to each other and read before falling asleep. I get so enthusiastic, that I interrupt him randomly with quotes from the book I’m reading, trivia about the autor, stuff like that. This blog was actually his idea.

It’s not intented as a critique type of blog, where I categorise books in Me-like-like or Me-thinks-it’s-rubbish categories.It’s intented as a blog where I can share my thoughts about the stories I get lost in, and maybe hear yours as well .